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Will air-conditioning fans replace air - conditioning? Which one works?

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In hot weather, many people will hide day and night in the open air conditioning indoor summer. However, because the air conditioning in the process of use will produce condensed water leading to more indoor drying, and closed indoor easily lead to the loss of air anion, etc., these can cause the so-called " air conditioning disease". So often open air conditioning is not very good for human health, especially in the home with the elderly and children of the family.
At this time, the common electric fan becomes a good solution, but the electric fan can't cold blow out cooler cold air. However, many manufacturers of electric fans are starting to introduce air-conditioning fans that can blow cold air. can these so-called air-conditioning fans take the place of air - conditioning?
Air conditioning fans are also known as cold fans, cold fans, and so on. The principle is very simple, is to reduce the temperature of water in the water storage tank through the built-in ice ( need to be made in the refrigerator ), and then through the high-pressure water pump to continuously convey water to the front of the fan blade water absorption evaporation network, due to the evaporation of heat absorption, the temperature of the blown air will be lower than the air temperature in the environment, so as to achieve the effect of cooling.
Understanding the principle of air conditioning fan, it is not difficult to find that its biggest difference compared with the traditional electric fan is blowing a cold wind, seems to have a cooling effect. In fact, in practice, our body is mainly through the evaporation of sweat on the surface of the body to achieve the effect of heat absorption and cooling, and the wind can



ADD:No.111, guanfu south road, guanhaiwei town, cixi city, zhejiang province.




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